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Jim Clark
Excuse me while I go throw up from the camera movement.
Comment from : Jim Clark

fernando carbajal castro
Comment from : fernando carbajal castro

fernando carbajal castro
Comment from : fernando carbajal castro

fernando carbajal castro
Comment from : fernando carbajal castro

О! Пирожки 30:13
Comment from : Lelu

Michelle Muskeyn
Haha, I was just thinking how funny it would be if all the sudden a Moose came walking down the aisle with a shopping basket hanging from his antler, lol😂
Comment from : Michelle Muskeyn

Michelle Muskeyn
Wow! That antler art is really neat!!!!
Comment from : Michelle Muskeyn

1Cavort sports

We manufacture sports gloves, bags, apparels and accessories.If you need any product, please let me know.


Afzaal Ahmad



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Comment from : 1Cavort sports

Jetta Krantz
Stayed at Hilton across street and really enjoyed walking through one afternoon.
Comment from : Jetta Krantz

Leslie Brooks
Take a look at all the booths, not just certain ones
Comment from : Leslie Brooks

I don't like Russian dolls, they are full of themselves
Comment from : jonnywaselectric

Rowena Pace
looking from originally made in Alaska
Comment from : Rowena Pace

jim schroeder
but people need to make a living, same here in az.
Comment from : jim schroeder

jim schroeder
cruise ship trap !
Comment from : jim schroeder

No semiconductors?
I'd go mad.

Comment from : picramide

jeanette kennedy
thank you it was good to see
Comment from : jeanette kennedy

David Riley
interesting but spoiled with the camera jerking up and down, try to keep it still thank you
Comment from : David Riley

how was weather this market in summer time season...
nice cloudy day and coool time...
humid or moist or dry clean air

Comment from : bestamerica

Alejandro Monroy
hola me llamo alejandro soy de colombia y mi sueño siempre a sido vivir en alaska como puedo hacer mi sueño realidad
Comment from : Alejandro Monroy

john shaw
just like here, JUNK
Comment from : john shaw

Não vi ninguém de cor nestas filmagens kkkkkkkk
Comment from : MarconeProgeneBezerra

Dizzy Alert!
Comment from : Cichlids23

Alaska John dont be santanoness
Comment from : Javier

its just a big
suap meet that all

Comment from : Javier

Richard Day
Bunch of Junk
Comment from : Richard Day

Nobody is buying anything
Comment from : googleboyny

Rextangle Dangle
$3 for one Zucchini ?..... Seems a bit high to me🤔
Comment from : Rextangle Dangle

Mike Tulley
Sorry, but I was getting dizzy with your camera jostling.Thought I had ADD.
Comment from : Mike Tulley

Nick qfn
to fast can not see any thing but looks like it could be a great vid .
Comment from : Nick qfn

Billy Fish
Such a clean market 👍 I used to ankle deep mud and trash everywhere. Hope to visit some day. Uk.
Comment from : Billy Fish

Looks nice, can you get a beer there???????????????
Comment from : 1956lakota

Veve Dehavilland
You took me to the market but didn't buy me anything thanks slot lol
Comment from : Veve Dehavilland

Rick Sanchez C137
Way too many commercials....
Comment from : Rick Sanchez C137

Wow. looks like america used to look years ago. brings back memories.
Comment from : Tony

Qypsy Q Traveler aka Pamela Prizant-Brooks
OMG! Philly cheese steak sands - NO WAY !!! I go to the REAL Philadelphia PA for those ONLY! Believe me, they are NOT GOOD ANSYWHERE ELSE but from there! LOL!!! Want the best and only Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich GO TO PHILADELPHIA PA!
Comment from : Qypsy Q Traveler aka Pamela Prizant-Brooks

Qypsy Q Traveler aka Pamela Prizant-Brooks
Wait did I see IVORY!!! Was that real? Isn't Ivory illegal to sell (new) in the USA??? Where were most of those items for sale made? The handmade items from the horns and antlers, etc. and the carvings were beautiful!
I pride myself on creating handmade crochet items, made by my American Hands in the USA (my yarns and threads come from India, Turkey, and Canada - some from the USA), if I had my way all my yarns and threads would be made in the USA. I cannot control that. Loved the dogs, and the furs (if I lived in AK I would definately have one for wear in winter.) Same old stuff though, different place. Thank you for sharing the market.

Comment from : Qypsy Q Traveler aka Pamela Prizant-Brooks

Al Gray
if I'm ever up there ill be going to the market. thank you for the tour.
Comment from : Al Gray

Priscilla Quiah
Thks so much for this video. Before this one, i saw two others. Thks for ur effort though.
Comment from : Priscilla Quiah

Greg Maier
Thx for this video! So many interesting products & talented and creative people!
Comment from : Greg Maier

Stupid Man
same ol thing.
a bunch of lazy looser gypsys selling nothing but goddamn china junk.

Comment from : Stupid Man

mike hunt
that market is a shot hole. we spent about 15 minutes...thats 14 minutes too long.
Comment from : mike hunt

Charlie and me got an Rv join us!
sorry i do like the video ! here in Portland people play music and offer wine tasting for free to losen peopke up and relax and have a better time..
Comment from : Charlie and me got an Rv join us!

Charlie and me got an Rv join us!
people walking around not buying anything! must be exspensive stuff or what? people look vonfused or doped up.
Comment from : Charlie and me got an Rv join us!

joe whiteman
hey John.is it good to live there?im tired of being an American prisoner.I need to find a place to live were I can be free.
Comment from : joe whiteman

Michael Tambirello
the only thing that gets me is everything is starting to become so expensive I thought the lower 48 was bad. Alaska is slowly becoming just as bad and worse in some cases I do a lot of importing and I know the prices of some of the things I have seen there . I know one thing is making fair money and then there is just out rite greedy and I'm starting to see that a lot it's really sad
Comment from : Michael Tambirello

David M
atleast you don't worry about sun burn at the swapmeet lol
Comment from : David M

Sergio Jose Da Silva
Realy, realy nice your video. Good informations about the Anchorage Market. Thanks !
Comment from : Sergio Jose Da Silva

damn i miss anchorage a lot, thanks for the videos- though it looks like nothings changed really since i havent been there, which is cool as hell actually.
Comment from : Tampaterry54

You shouldnt be touching all that fresh produce.
Comment from : Aaron

ô picatchu
i would like visited two cities in US...Seattle ans Anchorage !!! don't ask me why...i don't know !!!! thank you for sharing !! greets from Toulouse France !!!!!
Comment from : ô picatchu

celia martinez
I been in there,Thank for the good memories. Keep going. Blessing.
Comment from : celia martinez

this looks like a tourist trap sorry if im wrong
Comment from : ROAD WARRIOR 1967 MUSTANG

what month was that?
Comment from : TangTuyetMinh

ken reece
hold your camera still.  you can do it.  it makes me dizzy
Comment from : ken reece

Евгения Павлова
матрешки продают
Comment from : Евгения Павлова

Christie C
Is there such thing as Fried Oeros over there?
Comment from : Christie C

all star
i want to work in alska can somebody till me how i can aply for work in alaska im from Philippines thanks :)
Comment from : all star

Gary Plastek
Everything you need for the COLD Alaskan winter. Thought it was illegal to prosess ivory? One stop shopping for everything you need from gloves to boots to fresh veggies, all in the crisp fresh air. Oh my fudge I'm in heaven, thats my favorite, even donuts and coffee. Mmmmm Philly cheese steaks, EXCELLENT VIDEO, I hope someday soon before I pass, I can take a trip to this beautiful state. Land of the mid night sun.
Comment from : Gary Plastek

Alaska John
FERMIN B F, for some reason I'm not able to reply directly to your comment and question.  The "Pay Here" at 27:08 is for parking.  The market is held in a big parking lot where during the week you have to pay for parking.
Comment from : Alaska John

very interesting the market. what's that "PAY HERE" cabin at 27:08 ?? 
Comment from : FERMIN B F

Italo Elias Vernizi
Beautiful video!!!
Comment from : Italo Elias Vernizi

Jeffrey Lagneaux
Nice video of the Saturday Market in downtown Los Anchorage! Thanks for posting.
Comment from : Jeffrey Lagneaux

luiz pigeonskating
i enjoyed a lot to watch your video. i hope someday to know alaska and some cities such as fairbanks , barrow and juneau. thanks for post your video. obrigado por vc postar seu video
Comment from : luiz pigeonskating

Noe Aguilar
nice trip, i'd like to taste the salmon quesadillas... funny...
by  the way the original quesadillas are made of chesse...Queso means chesse.
regards from Mexico city..

Comment from : Noe Aguilar

brenda bone
That Jewel look like comes from Asia?
Comment from : brenda bone

Passed by this today.. thank u for posting. Now I know what I missed out on. :(
Comment from : Sarah

I have a house full of junk I'd love to get rid of. Lighten my load. Someday.
Comment from : bday55

Alaska John
Yes, a lot of stuff made in China for sale at the market. If you take the time to look though you can find some real local made in Alaska items. For residents we mostly enjoy the food and music at the market. Most of the stuff for sale is a lot cheaper at our local walmart.
Comment from : Alaska John

Uncle Leo's Eyebrow
let's get crunk
Comment from : Uncle Leo's Eyebrow

a lot of junk
Comment from : bday55

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