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I love this
Comment from : sinlessbullets

Mike Lee
People take roads for granted but someone had to actually do the work. It's pretty amazing when you think about it.
Comment from : Mike Lee

Vasja Lar
what a speed?
Comment from : Vasja Lar

Isaac Dozier
1:59:13 Skagit River Bridge that collapsed in 2013

Comment from : Isaac Dozier

Sef Murchadha
Desert Bus IRL
Comment from : Sef Murchadha

What's the deal with the stop at PDX?
Comment from : nyxhex

Arthur Spina


Comment from : Arthur Spina

you drove past my house
Comment from : TheZguitarboy67

Andre Meerse
Mirage taking time to load, proof of the simulation
Comment from : Andre Meerse

Katomic Comics
Now I can go on a road trip without going on a road trip.
Comment from : Katomic Comics

Man one tank of gas and daylight for the whole trip. Nice.
Comment from : MCPrimetime

Tom Tom The Pipers Son
They forgot to stop at Culver's burgers for a butter burger once they crossed into Utah.
Comment from : Tom Tom The Pipers Son

Yuancheng Wang
YVR it's not in Vancouver, it's in Richmond
Comment from : Yuancheng Wang

Ivan Ripoll
American driving: as bad as it can be.
Comment from : Ivan Ripoll

Canadian border guard: "Point of origin?"

Comment from : bitrexgm

kil koh
I love road trips. I actually done most of this drive up to Canada. That rest of the way mustve been amazing!
Comment from : kil koh

bubba gump
When you did something in Las Vegas your ashamed of and you can't get out of town fast enough. lmao
Comment from : bubba gump

ND Outdoor Prepper Leather
Cant watch
Comment from : ND Outdoor Prepper Leather

Cruisin' USA in real life

Comment from : k1001001

Mystic Investigations
I doubled the video speed so it's like I'm traveling there at 1000 mph!
Comment from : Mystic Investigations

Bridget Pillen
Anyone know why he pulled into the airports?
Comment from : Bridget Pillen

Charlie Pendergast
It would be hilarious if he drove a rental. The face of the rental agent in Alaska would be priceless.
I don't know what the rules are for US rentals driving into Canada.

Comment from : Charlie Pendergast

Robert Specht
You had to stop for fuel at least once. I don't believe you made all that far on one tank of fuel.
Comment from : Robert Specht

3:21:59 look! a moose!
Comment from : aaronpiper92

Samuel Corndog
Oh gosh that must have been a hell of a drive. I love all the different landscapes throughout the video including British Columbia where i live. Just a quick question, what was the name of the song that was in the first 6 minutes of the video?
Comment from : Samuel Corndog

I am mind boggled that the beginning of Oregon was desert and I didn't even realize Nevada bordered Oregon and I'm normally pretty well versed inn geography
Comment from : KillerElite1

Imagine Anchorage to miami lol
Comment from : RECON_RON

I bet it's not that easy in January.
Comment from : James

What brand dash cam did you use ???
Comment from : TreyBoden

Zmija Jazmi
You didn’t wanna stop at Rachel Nevada and take photos of that little alien motel next to aria 51 ? 🤔 you just drove by like you don’t care 😂👌
Comment from : Zmija Jazmi

Wow, paved all the way. Not the case when I drove it in 1978, 1,300 miles of dirt. How long was this trip in real-time?
Comment from : Bob

Jeff Dur
Is this some stripper road trip?
Comment from : Jeff Dur

Mathew Smith
Put it on 0.25 speed and off you go at normal speed but twice the amount of time.Enjoy lol.
Comment from : Mathew Smith

Why?? I don't see the reason for this. Then he plays it at four times the speed which ruins it all and all you see is the roadway. That is why I rather fly my plane.
Comment from : CaptainArt777

Jaime Blanco
Comment from : Jaime Blanco

Neko Tengu
Moose! 3:21:59 that was way too close... wow.
Comment from : Neko Tengu

Why all the weaving about in lane, drunk, texting, surfing the net?
Comment from : Iain

Robinette Knowles
Thank You I thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing.......! cool I love the way, you tell us where we are, the states, the cities, AND THE ROADS!!!!! Kudos......we lost sound.........though.
Comment from : Robinette Knowles

Comment from : Cameron

Justin D
I'm a trucker I do this every week.. in the winter as well.
Comment from : Justin D

Syed Shah
Could you please upload a normal speed version in parts!
Comment from : Syed Shah

Marty McFly
You can tell this person was on their cell phone a lot with all the weaving back and forth lol
Comment from : Marty McFly

Drove from Las Vegas to Bend, Oregon (800 miles) couple of years back. Took 95, 306 and 305 to Battle Mountain, NV instead and followed 95 from Winnemucca and 20 east. It was such a nice drive with hardly any traffic and such barren landscape, so different yet so beautiful
Comment from : sulavlfc

Sad to say this, but this is the closest I'll ever be on a road trip. None of my friends or family members like traveling outside their comfort zone. 20 year old college student here, and whenever I feel like I need to fresh things up with my life, I just look up these type of videos to help me escape from my reality for a little bit.
Comment from : gameexpert2011

Play Plus
Oh look, more desert
Comment from : Play Plus

Made 4 round trips from Anchorage to Leesville, La back in the early to mid 60's. Back then the Alcan hwy was nothing but dirt and gravel all the way. Pot holes big enough to bury a car in. Shortest driving time one way was 5 days, crossed the border at Sweet Grass or Sweet Water Montana.
Comment from : kppr55

Out Nabout
Sure as hell an unceremonious ending.
Comment from : Out Nabout

Annie Bananie
Holy crap, there are no gas stations in Nevada!
Comment from : Annie Bananie

Out Nabout
Why pulling into airports?

Changing rent cars?

Comment from : Out Nabout

quicker to fly ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Comment from : g4kfjve7kfj

S Gunner
What a terrible driver - he's right - then left - over the line - my gosh with drivers like this it is amazing that we don't have 10 times the road-deaths!
Comment from : S Gunner

Daniel Roberts
How long did it actually take you to drive there?
Comment from : Daniel Roberts

Jonathan Wallblom
i could watch this all day,
Comment from : Jonathan Wallblom

Anks S
Very underrated video. Should get over 100k likes. Thanks for the efforts folks.
Comment from : Anks S

Mach Steelr
what dates was this barbie? I noticed they were filming a movie in downtown vancouver . lovely video btw
Comment from : Mach Steelr

Max McD
Just what we need here in Alaska: more people moving here from the lower 48. Pot is legal in other states now, ya know
Comment from : Max McD

Dave Klika
The sudden stop lights give me anxiety lol You're basically going from 250mph to a dead stop in the blink of an eye. lol As a truck driver, it's pretty neat to watch these familiar routes get traveled so quickly.
Comment from : Dave Klika

Adele Horne
What the heck is that on the left side of the road at 4:12:30
Comment from : Adele Horne

Sungsook Ahn
Perfect trip to Anchorage only for 6 hrs with other music youtube window open ^^
Comment from : Sungsook Ahn

You swerve alot and hover in the left lane, but great video lol.
Comment from : MegaCk93

plays The Naked Gun theme song
Comment from : sportsguy1989

VOLCANOES: 1:11:32 Mt Bachelor; 1:11:54 Three Sisters (l-r: South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister); 1:18:07 Mt Jefferson; 1:19:47 Mt Hood; 1:55:59 Mt Baker. Route also went past Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier, and Mt Garibaldi but camera did not appear to ever be pointed in their directions (unless I missed them 😄)
Comment from : vanhouten64

Kevin Overbeck
Needs the year in the title. This video should be around for awhile...
Comment from : Kevin Overbeck

Gabriel The Gamer Est 2012
Comment from : Gabriel The Gamer Est 2012

4:29:33 Who TF is riding their bicycle on the Alaskan Highway?!?!
Comment from : redcomic619

uncle bones2
Great trip I drove this three times 2 in winter a lot less traffic
Comment from : uncle bones2

So many people tailgating!!
Comment from : Andreas

Love this video, would like to make the some trip just for fun.
Comment from : Lorcar86

Maria Shelly
At about 3 hours and 22 minutes a moose crosses the road right in front of them.
Comment from : Maria Shelly

uncle bones2
4:13:08 Buffalo right side road
Comment from : uncle bones2

uncle bones2
4:12:31 Buffalo left side road
Comment from : uncle bones2

uncle bones2
4:10:54 Mountain Goat just miss on road
Comment from : uncle bones2

The Ask Trixie Channel
Congratulations. Penn and Teller award you one point.
Comment from : The Ask Trixie Channel

Charles Jackson
This is a great idea! I think I'll start doing this to get youtube viewers and subscribers. Tape every mile of road traveled in the US and abroad and post it. It's cool... slowing down the tape to about 30-40 miles per hour through beautiful areas, mountains, rivers, lakes, cities and towns and then speed up to about 300-400 mph out on the highways. Like flying in a Q-400 at street level. Not only do you get a view of our countries, states and cities but as well every mile of road and landscape out there!
Comment from : Charles Jackson

Pts Slm
To many close calls changing lanes to pass people, you wouldn’t show this if there was an accident 🤔🇺🇸
Comment from : Pts Slm

Ginger Cheesecake
Fallout New Vegas to
Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage

Comment from : Ginger Cheesecake

TCG Global Security Consulting
What exactly was the point of this video and the airports?
Comment from : TCG Global Security Consulting

TCG Global Security Consulting
Nevada 305 to Battle Mountain? Lmfao! You really had no clue where you were going did you? Following a GPS most likely. That's too funny! Unreal! Bet your mileage is shit. How the hell did you make it to Alaska without winding up in the pacific? And what's with the name? Barbiepoledancer? In a truck? Lmfao! Wow!
Comment from : TCG Global Security Consulting

Sage Smith
Longest vid ever
Comment from : Sage Smith

Zoester Productions
TY - Roadtrip bliss. Try DWT to Juneau. Subliminal :-)
Comment from : Zoester Productions

ET Himself
Looks like a modified Indy 500 +++
Comment from : ET Himself

Pamela Merrill
I'm enjoying the drive....how many days did it take for you to accomplish this trek?
Comment from : Pamela Merrill

Wait, this isn't Desert Bus.
Comment from : proGrammer

Phantom Golfer
I just looked up the mileage and didn't realize it was over 3,300 miles. I never would have guessed it was 300+ miles longer than my drive cross country when I moved from Boston to Sacramento. Western Ohio to Nebraska was nothing but corn and dead deer on the side that were obliterated by 18 wheelers. I will never forget how boring Wyoming and Northern Nevada was.
Comment from : Phantom Golfer

Ari Dreams
18:02 is so wrong.
Comment from : Ari Dreams

Was in my suggested videos list. Holy hell, that had to be one heck of a Road trip. Talk about the changes of biomes to boot.
Comment from : Cenvere

Stephen White
What is the magnificent Oregon mountain at about 1.20.00? Is it a volcano?
Comment from : Stephen White

I need to do this on a motorcycle
Comment from : Doik

James Lee
if you need to cure insomnia ;)
Comment from : James Lee

Devon C
Crazy how much concrete exists in just ONE trip
Comment from : Devon C

garbage !
Comment from : UFO HUNTER

this place has enough room for 300 more million people.
Comment from : leigem

Now Barrow, AK to Key West, FL
Comment from : Ickabodxx

Brent z
At least you now know why Washington state has the highest rear end collision rates in the U.S. the 2nd BNSF overpass you documented was the overpass that the amtrac train derailed on.
Comment from : Brent z

Just for Fun
Comment from : Just for Fun

Dr Truckenstein
🔴INTERESTING TRIP🔴so Google vegasstep.com and get a free secret travel experience that will blow your mind and make yo azz shine.⚅⚀💣💣😲💎
Comment from : Dr Truckenstein

I made it to 6:09. I'll be back. It is weird how the dotted lines make you feel you are going backwards. Or is it just me?
Comment from : rideswithscissors

Daniel Harris
One hell of a long test drive to check for front end alignment issues (I think it pulls to the left a bit).
Comment from : Daniel Harris

Next video: Fairbanks AK to Cape Horn CHILE
Comment from : Construtor

K. why the stop/detour to pdx?
Comment from : makesmefeellikeatalltree

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