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Ariana Marquez
You should also try uncle joe’s pizza in Anchorage 😋 it’s amazing
Comment from : Ariana Marquez

Uh oh Poopie
Yea but it takes 1,000 years for them to make it.
Comment from : Uh oh Poopie

zach carden
Mac n cheese tho is the best
Comment from : zach carden

zach carden
I go here all the time
Comment from : zach carden

MaryAnne Betsayda
There is also this movie theater that is right next to mooses tooth which is called bears tooth
Comment from : MaryAnne Betsayda

Bruce Hankins
I ate there in May. Loved it.
Comment from : Bruce Hankins

Mike Remillard
You should have tried the Diablo sticks at the tooth🔥🔥🔥🔥 so good!!
Comment from : Mike Remillard

Cameron Enoch
Why didn't Allison want you to show the menu?
Comment from : Cameron Enoch

Santino Boy
not pizza...maybe bread with toppings but definitely not pizza
Comment from : Santino Boy

Adam Siemieniec
Apricot? Carrots? West coast...sigh. Chicago pizza for life!
Comment from : Adam Siemieniec

Andre Gilbert
Anchorage my home away from home. Everytime I touchdown Moose's Tooth is the first place I go to. Great pizza and beers. Great video
Comment from : Andre Gilbert

James Farmer
Napoli's pizza is way better
Comment from : James Farmer

Brad Bassett
Mooses Tooth is a cool place and it is always packed..Craft beer is good and you can get it by the gallon...Their Pizza is creative but it is not the best in America!....Get to NYC and try Adriens on Stone street in Manhattan or Danis on Lefferts blvd in Queens!....That's the best!.....
Comment from : Brad Bassett

Thomas C
I actually like Finn's in Homer better, but the Tooth offers a better variety of toppings and dough choice. Be extremely tough to choose between the two.
Comment from : Thomas C

Ten Millimeter
Disgusting. The pizza at the Moose's Tooth is no different than Domino or Pizza Hut. I would tell you where the best pizza in Anchorage is, but I don't want you crowding the place - so stick to the Moose'sTooth you'll taste it all the next day too.....
Comment from : Ten Millimeter

Sharika Kc
Omgg moose’s tooth pizza is so delicious 🤤
Comment from : Sharika Kc

ruvim niz
Kind of a bold statement
Comment from : ruvim niz

I’ve been to Moose’s Tooth and it’s awesome!!!
Comment from : courtney02161980

Sal Camposano
Pizza should have no more than 3 toppings after that its a heart burn pizza lol
Comment from : Sal Camposano

Averyl Cobb
You know you’re a real teen in anchorage when you and all your friends say Moose’s tooth is over rated
Comment from : Averyl Cobb

Michael Russell
Actually 1 star boys. Cx
Comment from : Michael Russell

Christian London
I used to go here all the time when I still lived in Alaska. I miss this place so much, it really is the best pizza I have ever had, and its been almost 10 years since I've last been
Comment from : Christian London

Michael Kurz
I kinda figured the pizza restaurant would have like a reindeer pizza, moose pizza?
Comment from : Michael Kurz

Looks like pretty good food and big portions.
Comment from : VIGOUR OSO

Robert Coylestein
Be careful. Anchorage is the sexual assault capital of America.
Comment from : Robert Coylestein

The Dorito Paw
Comment from : The Dorito Paw

pizza man in eagle river ....nuff said
Comment from : Tx_Reds

Cyfa X
I go to that pizza place one time a month
Comment from : Cyfa X

Cyfa X
I live 40 minutes away from anchorage Wasilla alaska
Comment from : Cyfa X

Pepe Kalolo
Moose’s Tooth is amazing! I love it there!
Comment from : Pepe Kalolo

Que bonita pareja. Me encantan!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😘😘😘🍻
Comment from : MA H

Peter Gabrielson
I still like Pepe's in New Haven , CT.
Comment from : Peter Gabrielson

Kimberly Jackson-Matta
The apricot is my fav at Tooth:-) just found you guys...love the vlog!
Comment from : Kimberly Jackson-Matta

Very Interesting Zah... I hope we can get there someday 🙌🏼
Comment from : Sigsxi

Moose's tooth has the best pizza in U.S
Comment from : alaskanspartan89

Savannah MSP
i've never been there the restaurant but great alaska pizza is really good too and this one place somewhere in talkeetna they have salmon pizza its way too good to be true <3
Comment from : Savannah MSP

Refrigerators Are Cool
I’m cringing. I only put sausage cheese and pepperoni my pizza lmao
Comment from : Refrigerators Are Cool

peter neagle
Sounds like the Belgium's or the Dutch. They eat pizza with sweet toppings like duck with honey. Ewwwwww. Give me salty and spicy everyday. That nice irritating burn you get from the pepperoni on little cuts in your mouth.
Comment from : peter neagle

Big C
Which brewery is that in Anchorage?
Comment from : Big C

Looks the bomb.com! Come to Fairbanks next!
Comment from : FBX ALASKA

Edits with Kelsie
I live in anchorage too 😂❤️
Comment from : Edits with Kelsie

Michael Pennix
Is it ethnically diverse in anchorage?
Comment from : Michael Pennix

md khaled
Comment from : md khaled

Shuva Das
Comment from : Shuva Das

Comment from : SONY NINE

Md. Shahadat Hossain
Comment from : Md. Shahadat Hossain

Md. Masud
nice food
Comment from : Md. Masud

kamrul Howladar
Nice video
Comment from : kamrul Howladar

Comment from : MD MILON HOSSAIN

Crossout the banD
Comment from : Crossout the banD

Foysal ahmed
Comment from : Foysal ahmed

Raju Ahmed
Comment from : Raju Ahmed

Riaj Uddin
Comment from : Riaj Uddin

Comment from : ALL4U

Tanvir ali
Comment from : Tanvir ali

Md Julhas Mir
Comment from : Md Julhas Mir

tanvir ahamed
looks so tasty and rich
Comment from : tanvir ahamed

mahbubur rahman
Comment from : mahbubur rahman

anam hossain wow
wow nice journey
Comment from : anam hossain wow

Md Rashidul
Comment from : Md Rashidul

Sharif Shuvon
Comment from : Sharif Shuvon

mdripon ali
Comment from : mdripon ali

Fritz Alcindor Jr.
Best Pizza in America belong to New Haven CT. We have 4 of the top 10 pizzas in America! If you ever pass through its my treat.
Comment from : Fritz Alcindor Jr.

Chase Whallon
Love the video!! Has anyone else seen this?? chasethedream.co
Comment from : Chase Whallon

That salad would be 3 days worth of food for me lol
Comment from : Injustice

Donny C
Those Pizzas Look Insane.... Yummy...
Comment from : Donny C

wet timguavass
America's best pizza is probably somewhere in Argentina or Uruguay.
Comment from : wet timguavass

Lindsey Boone
Ahhh, amazing apricot is my favorite from Moose's Tooth! Glad you guys are having such an awesome time in Alaska, it is pretty incredible here.
Comment from : Lindsey Boone

Tyler Homelvig
I prefer Milano's Pizza in Nome, AK... then again I grew up there. Tourists used to go to Airport pizza, before it closed, but locals preferred Milano's.
Comment from : Tyler Homelvig

The former kitchen manager of Moose's Tooth started another pizza joint where I live in Southern Oregon called Kaleidoscope more than a decade ago! The vibe of Kaleidoscope looks really similar to Moose's Tooth and some of the pizza names were the same :)
Comment from : liquidgordon

The Gone Gurl
I'm down with the cream cheese and apricot jam, but carrots?! I'm skeptical, but adding this to my pizza list :/
Comment from : The Gone Gurl

Icameto plunder
damn what would I do to eat that pizza rn fml
Comment from : Icameto plunder

Lauren Brittain
Honestly Moose's Tooth is HIGHLY over rated and if you ask any Alaskan teen what their favorite pizza place is they are bound to say GAPCO (Great Alaskan Pizza Company) not only is the price reasonable they alway have customer appreciation. If you want good food stay down town. Fat Ptarmigan and 49th state brewing company have the best stone fired pizzas you could ask for. Not to mention Wild Scoops ice cream is right next door to Fat Ptarmigan.
Comment from : Lauren Brittain

Luann Crownover
YES!!! I finally watched every one of your videos! I just found your channel a few weeks back and I watched one video...I think it was one of your time in England at the conference. I was hooked and knew I had to go back to the beginning and watch them all. Just accomplished that and now I can't wait to see what you have next. I commented on the video where you said you were now Texans with an address in Wichita Falls. I live about an hour north of there. I love to travel and am 67 years old....can't wait for my next trip, too! Safe travels!
Comment from : Luann Crownover

Don't Forget To Live
Wow, that airbnb seems like a great place to stay and I wouldn't mind trying one of those pizzas, although I do hope you are heading to Italy soon to eat some italian pizza....that would be great to see.
Comment from : Don't Forget To Live

Wayne D
Happy Easter, guys!
Comment from : Wayne D

Anshu Kumar
Very nice video
Comment from : Anshu Kumar

Terri FGH
I love your backpack, could you tell me where you purchased it?
Comment from : Terri FGH

Al Lorenz
Your banter, choice adjectives and occasionally mis-speaking makes your vlogs so charming!!
Comment from : Al Lorenz

will scratchy
Always eating and drinking food looks delicious you really need to go to the gym it's healthy mind you lugging luggage is healthy....
Comment from : will scratchy

Fran Stains
Cool house, love it ! 😎
Comment from : Fran Stains

Delightful Travellers
Air BnB host goals right there. This place looks great! Alaska has never been on our radar.. it just might be now. - Anna
Comment from : Delightful Travellers

Sir David
The last frontier is space "captain Kirk" he did use the word final but that is a Mandela any way great film plenty of snow but sadly no cats maybe they stay home in front of the fire I know I would yes.
Comment from : Sir David

Siw Key
SHE always looking drunk!! I think she has a drinking problem.You both drink a lot.
Comment from : Siw Key

That lonely house reminds me of movie “UP”
Comment from : Sastha

Star Moon
pizza at 6:52...yummmmmm.
Comment from : Star Moon

Stephanie Selby
love love love alaska
Comment from : Stephanie Selby

Susan Gerwien
Fruit sauce and cream cheese don't belong on pizza. Ewww!
Comment from : Susan Gerwien

Lucia Lucia
I really want PIZZA now ugh
Comment from : Lucia Lucia

Bonnie From Washington state
Just went to Moosetooth website, downloaded their menu, and gonna replicate the apricot pizza here at home. Yum, y’all!!!
Comment from : Bonnie From Washington state

you talk more sence when your drunk :)
Comment from : J F

Wow. How's the weed in AK? #RedEyes
Comment from : hawklets03

Content Aware Phil
Sorry guys, I'm a Neopolitan purist when it comes to pizza.
Comment from : Content Aware Phil

Where’s the advertisement warning?
Comment from : Villanmike

Sarah Richer Lefebvre
Now I'm going to have to find some apricot jam lol. I think I would use goat cheese instead of cream cheese.
Comment from : Sarah Richer Lefebvre

Christian Buczko
I'm eating pizza...i got tikka chicken, spicy beef, green peppers, tomato and jalapeños...
Comment from : Christian Buczko

Jez Marsh
Beer and Pizza and snow What more could you want.
Comment from : Jez Marsh

Evita van Duin
Making me hungry guys!
Comment from : Evita van Duin

Your definition of pizza and my definition do not agree. Spare me gourmet pizzas. Get a real pizza in New York City with mozzarella and sausage or pepperoni.
Comment from : mhollick63

Travel With Mansoureh
Looks so tasty and rich. You guys made me hungry :D
Comment from : Travel With Mansoureh

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